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Only £695 Supplied and Installed

Solar PV Plus Brookfield Renewable Energies in Doncaster

Did you know  the Inverter in your Solar Panel system shuts down when in over voltage mode ?

This is NOT a problem with your Inverter – Its a problem with the variable electricity supply from the National Grid (Spikes).

Electrical appliances manufactured for the UK market including your Inverter are rated at230V. The average house however is supplied at 242V and even higher at times !!

When the Inverter is in “Over Voltage” mode it will shut down to protect its circuitry. When shut down your Inverter is NOT producing AC current and you are actually LOOSING MONEY!! – You will be surprised how often this happens.

By Installing the SolarPV+ your system will stay compliant and never shut down due to Inverter over load. Your generation WILL INCREASE simply due to longer working hours of your Inverter.

Longer working hours = More Kw’s generated = Bigger return of your investment.

  • The SolarPV+ is installed to the grid AC feed to your inverter.
  • The SolarPV+ is NOT part of your Solar PV system.
  • Installation takes around 1 hour and does NOT affect your system warranty.
  • There are NO ongoing costs and ALL increased FIT payments are YOURS.
  • Your inverter will NOt be effected by high voltage shut downs.
  • Your Inverter life will NOT be reduced by over voltage problems.