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Solar PV+ Unit

Did you know - the Inverter in your Solar Panel system shuts down when in over voltage mode ?

This is NOT a problem with your Inverter - Its a problem with the variable electricity supply from the National Grid (Spikes).

Electrical appliances manufactured for the UK market including your Inverter are rated at230V. The average house however is supplied at 242V and even higher at times !!
When the Inverter is in “Over Voltage” mode it will shut down to protect its circuitry. When shut down your Inverter is NOT producing AC current and you are actually LOOSING MONEY!! - You will be surprised how often this happens.

By Installing the SolarPV+ your system will stay compliant and never shut down due to Inverter over load. Your generation WILL INCREASE simply due to longer working hours of your Inverter.

Longer working hours = More Kw’s generated = Bigger return of your investment.

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Domestic VO
B60 Single Phase Voltage Optimiser

The Accendo B60 single phase voltage optimisation unit offers a simple fit and forget energy saving solution and provides genuine energy savings of up to 14 percent.

How Does It Help?

Electrical applicances manufactured for the UK and Europe are rated at 230 volts, however the average house is supplied with 242 volts. This additional power we simply do not need. Reducing the voltage for the majority of appliances closer to the designed voltage leads to:

  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Extended lifespan of electrical appliances
  • Lower operating temperatures


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Surefire Boiler Control

Cut your fuel bill by up to 20% with just one installation; adapting the anti-cycling technology of large commercial boilers for the domestic market, Surefire Boiler Control prevents hot water being reheated unnecessarily without any loss to comfort to you.

What are the benefits of your Surefire Boiler Control?
  • Up to 20% fuel saving
  • Works with GAS/OIL or LPG boilers
  • Works with BNEW Sureflow to deliver a side by side or an individual saving
  • Reduces CO₂ emissions and bills straight away
  • 24 – 36 month payback
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Suitable for most gas/oil and LPG fired boilers
  • Quick installation and Non-invasive
  • CE marked and manufactured to ISO 9000 standards

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Battery Storage
from £2,500

Most people are only using 10% of the free solar generated and exporting 90% to the grid to buy back later. Having a battery system allows you to reverse this pattern so you can store and use 90%-100% of what your solar is generating and still get paid for exporting 50% as this is still assumed from your electricity provider.

Battery Storage lets you make use of more of the energy you generate yourself. If you don’t need the electricity at the time it’s produced, it will charge the units batteries so that you can use it later, when you’re home from work in the evening or first thing in the morning.

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The Recurring Payments service, also known as FuturePay, is an internet-based
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