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Solar Panel Installation Referral Scheme

Refer A Friend

At Brookfield Renewable Energies Ltd, we are excited to introduce our new “Refer a Friend” scheme, a fantastic opportunity for our valued solar panel customers to benefit even more from spreading the word about sustainable and renewable energy. This exclusive offer is our way of saying thank you for choosing Brookfield’s for your solar energy needs and for sharing your positive experiences with others.

How It Works

If you’ve recently embraced renewable energy by having a solar panel installation completed with Brookfield Renewable Energies and have shared your satisfaction through a review on Trustpilot or Google Reviews, you’re already halfway there! Now, simply recommend our services to a friend or family member. Once their solar panel installation is successfully completed, we’ll express our gratitude by sending you a cheque for £200. It’s our way of acknowledging the crucial role you play in our mission to expand the reach of renewable energy solutions.

Participating in our “Refer a Friend” scheme is not only a chance to promote a greener, more sustainable future but also a way to make our renewable energy community even stronger. Remember, every installation contributes significantly to reducing carbon footprints, promoting environmental sustainability, and building a cleaner, brighter future for us all. Let’s work together to make a difference, one referral at a time.


You Must Be An Exhisting Customer

You must have had a solar panel installation with us. If you have had a solar panel installation with us you qualify for the next step


Left A Google or Trustpilot Review?

You must leave us a review either on Google Reviews or on Trustpilot. Facebook reviews and testimonials do not qualify you for the next step.


Refer A Friend For A Solar Installation

Once you have had a solar installation with us and left us a review on Google / Trustpilot you can refer a friend by filling in the form below


Getting Paid For Your Referral

Once your friend or person in question has paid their final payment on their solar installation you will recieve a cheque in the post with gratitude from us

Please fill out the form below

Referral Form