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Top 10 Myths About Solar Power – Myth Number 4: Solar Panels are not reliable?!

Top 10 Myths About Solar Power – Myth Number 4: Solar Panels are not reliable?!

solar myth busters featured image, solar panels arent reliable? think again.

Myth: Solar Energy Systems Are Not Reliable

Fact: Modern solar PV systems are highly reliable. With advancements in solar technology over the years, solar panels can now produce a consistent and dependable energy output especially with battery storage combined, our high-generating, cost-effective solar products have been tried and tested to ensure your energy needs are met year-round. Combine your solar panel installation with a solar maintenance plan and your system is fully protected, which is more should anything go wrong with it whilst you have an active maintenance plan you can guard yourself from costly repair and call out bills should the worste happen, Brookfield Solar Maintenance Ltd saves it customers thousands of pounds in the long run.

Brookfield Renewable Energies Ltd understands the challenges faced by homeowners and businesses when their original solar panel installation companies go out of business, leaving them without support for warranty work. To address this, Brookfield offers a comprehensive solar maintenance cover or solar care plan to ensure that any issues with solar panel systems are promptly and professionally handled.

With a solar maintenance plan in place it gives customers peace of mind should something unexpected happen to their system. With packages from £10.99 (standard cover) £16.99 (inverter cover) to £24.99 (inverter and battery cover) solar maintenance customers enjoy free call outs, free parts, free labour and annual system checkups to ensure that they are operating at peak performance. With inverter and or battery cover plans this means that you won’t have £1000’s to pay out should your inverter or batteries need replacing. Brookfield’s will replace the inverter or batteries free of charge whilst a premium with battery storage solar maintenance plan is active.

Our dedicated team or solar experts can step in to provide warranty services, including repairs and replacements, to ensure that your investment continues to operate efficiently. By choosing Brookfield, customers can prevent the frustration of being left without support, securing peace of mind and long-term reliability for their solar energy systems.

Brookfield’s only use the very latest in renewable technology and since inception back in 2016 as a solar repairs and maintenance first company they have first-hand, vast knowledge and experience with the worst and best solar products available to us and your solar panel installation on the market.

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