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Callie Coates Making Brookfield’s Proud!

Callie Coates Making Brookfield’s Proud!

Rising Star: Callie Coates – Brookfield Renewable Energies’ Champion Athlete
In the dynamic world of athletics, certain talents shine brighter with each leap and bound. Callie Coates is one such luminary, sponsored by Brookfield Renewable Energies, whose journey in track and field is nothing short of inspirational. From indoor arenas to national championships, Callie has proven her mettle across a variety of disciplines, excelling particularly in the high jump and triple jump.

A Year of Golds and Glorious Achievements
The year 2023 kicked off with Callie clinching the gold medal at the indoor Northern Championships in Sheffield, setting a personal best (PB) of 1.71 meters in an open competition in May. This achievement was a mere precursor to her becoming the Yorkshire Champion for the fourth consecutive year in both the high jump and triple jump, along with securing a bronze in the long jump.

May was a standout month for Callie, as she soared to the top, becoming the number one high jumper in the country with a remarkable leap of 1.78 meters. Her winning streak continued into June at the outdoor Northern Championships in Manchester, where she once again claimed gold. That same month, Callie added a bronze medal to her collection at the England Championships in Chelmsford.

The accolades didn’t stop there. In July, she secured a silver medal at the English Schools’ competition and finished 6th at the British UK Championships. August saw her representing England at the Welsh Internationals in Wales, where she won gold, showcasing her exceptional talent on an international stage.

University Success and Beyond
November heralded Callie’s transition into university athletics, where she won gold in her first competition representing Leeds Beckett University. Her versatility as an athlete is evident as she travels the country representing her club, City of Sheffield & Dearne. Competing in events ranging from the 200m to the 4x400m relay, including her specialties—the high jump, triple jump, and long jump—Callie has demonstrated her athletic prowess in the Youth Development league.

2024 has already seen Callie continuing her golden run, securing top honors in the northern championships and the Steel Cup for Leeds Beckett. Her involvement with Leeds University in the BUCS competitions speaks volumes of her commitment and talent.

Currently ranked 2nd in the country in the under-20 high jump category, Callie has once again been selected for the British UK Championships, set to take place on February 18th in Birmingham. Her latest achievement, becoming the National Champion in the high jump on February 9th, 2024, underscores her status as a formidable athlete.

A Testament to Talent and Hard Work
Callie Coates’ journey is a testament to the power of dedication, talent, and hard work. Sponsored by Brookfield Renewable Energies, her achievements illuminate the synergy between environmental stewardship and athletic excellence. As Callie continues to soar to new heights, her story inspires us all to reach for our own stars, proving that with perseverance and support, the sky’s the limit.

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