Brookfield Renewable Energies Ltd

Micro-grid Systems

Brookfield Renewable Energies design, supply and install LUX POWER TEK Solar PV Micro-Grid / stand alone battery systems and accessories throughout Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. We can design a solar panel system for home, farm buildings, log cabins / pods and a number of other applications. Our Micro-Grid systems are designed specifically for your energy needs and can be adapted over time. Micro-Grid PV system designs are free and without obligation to buy. We can also incorporate oil and diesel generators will automatic changeover. If you are looking for a solar PV battery system to become your own Micro-Grid then look no further than Brookfield Renewable Energies.

  • Capable with micro-grid applications with various AC power sources
  • Multiple configuration available to various applications of micro-grid solution
  • Support multiple type of loads, Such as air conditioner, refrigerator
  • Flexible programmable working modes, support scheduling on system operation System extendable
  • Support purely off-grid installation