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How Weather Affects Solar Panel Performance

how weather affects solar panel energy generation

When our customers start making the switch to solar with a solar panel installation as a way to power their home or business, one of the common concerns or questions we have is how weather conditions might impact the performance of solar panels and energy generation of their solar panel system. Whilst it’s true that […]

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel System for Your Home

how to choose the right solar panel system for your home featured image

Switching to solar energy is an excellent decision for both your wallet and the environment. However, with the variety of solar panel systems available, choosing the best one for your home or property can seem daunting. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together this guide on how to select the ideal solar […]

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

are solar panels worth it

Are solar panels worth it? This is a question many homeowners in the North of England are asking, especially as energy prices continue to rise and the call for sustainable living becomes more urgent. At Brookfield Renewable Energies Ltd, we’ve seen the benefits firsthand. Since our humble beginnings in Doncaster in 2016 as a solar […]

How to Calculate Your Solar Energy Needs

how to calculate energy usage for your home to switch to solar panels

Switching to solar energy to power your home is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint, save significantly on energy bills, and claim your energy independence by protecting you from future energy price hikes. However, to maximise these benefits, it’s crucial to understand how to calculate your solar energy needs accurately. Here’s a step-by-step […]

Solar Installation Process – How it Works, Step by Step

step by step solar panel installation process by brookfield renewable energies ltd

At Brookfield Renewable Energies, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solar panel installation services throughout Northern England. Our comprehensive approach ensures a smooth transition to renewable energy for your home or business. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to our solar panel installation process, designed to help you understand what to expect when you choose us. […]

Solar Power and Energy Independence

energy independance with solar panels, switch to solar power

In an era where energy consumption and environmental sustainability are becoming increasingly critical, the concept of energy independence has emerged as a compelling goal for homeowners, farms and businesses. At the heart of this movement lies solar power, a clean, renewable energy source that can significantly reduces reliance on traditional power grids. In this blog […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Solar Panel Installer

top 5 solar questions you need to ask a solar panel installation company

Ensuring a successful, high-performing, and reliable solar panel installation involves asking the right questions. Here are the top 5 questions you should ask your solar panel installer, along with explanations of why these questions are crucial. At Brookfield’s, we pride ourselves on meeting all these standards and more, making us your best choice for solar […]

Top 10 Myths About Solar Power – Myth Number 5: Solar Panels Will Damage Your Roof

solar panel myths featured image, solar panels will damage your roof, wrong.

Myth: Solar Panels Will Damage Your Roof Fact: Correctly installed solar panels carried out by accredited, fully insured solar engineers do not damage your roof. In fact, they can protect the portion of the roof they cover by shielding it from the elements, reducing wear and tear. Our expert solar installation team at Brookfield Renewable […]

Top 10 Myths About Solar Power – Myth Number 1: Solar Panels are Too Expensive

solar panel myths: solar panels are too expensive

Debunking the Myth: Solar Panels Are Too Expensive Fact: While the initial investment of having a solar panel installation can seem high to some, the long-term savings on energy bills outweigh the initial investment. Long-Term Savings Solar panels provide substantial savings by significantly reducing electricity bills over their lifespan. After the initial investment for a […]

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