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Solar Panels Maintenance

Solar Panel System Maintenance & Repairs

Solar panel maintenance with Brookfield Renewable Maintenance Ltd covers your solar system should you stop generating for any reason. We save customers thousands of pounds in the long term by protecting their inverters and batteries with free call outs, labour and replacements parts. Giveing you peace of mind and protecting your solar investment

Solar Maintenance Plans

We have solar maintenance plans available to cover your system for a monthly fee to protect your solar panel  investment. Our goal is to save our customers thousands of pounds in the long term with free call outs and free solar part replacements. We’ve got you.

Free Solar Inverter Replacement

Your solar inverter is the heart of your system. If that breaks it will cost you thousands of pounds to replace. That’s why Brookfield’s created the solar maintenance care plans to protect you from expensive repairs for a fixed monthly fee.

Replacement Batteries to keep you Saving

Our premium cover covers the inverter replacement as well as the batteries. Remember that when you are covered with a solar maintenance plan you will get an annual checkup and a certificate of good health for your solar system annualy.

We are Fully Insured, Certified and Accredited:

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Solar Care Maintenance Plans

Solar Panel Maintenance customers of Brookfield Solar Maintenance have proven to have solar panel systems that are far more efficient than those that are not actively managed with a solar maintenance plan.


This doesn't cover Inverters or Batteries
  • Free Call Outs (work hours 8am-5pm)
  • Annual Health Check
  • Visual Inspections
  • PV Module Inspection
  • Inverter System Checks
  • Isolator, Distribution and Cabling Inspection
  • Generation Meter Checks
  • Energy Production Analysis
  • Voltage and Current Checks
  • Certificate of Good Health
  • Labour Works All
  • Advice, Replacement of Faulty Parts and Repairs, Where Necessary

We are Fully Insured, Certified and Accredited:

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Solar Repairs & Maintenance Experts

Solar panel system maintenance is crucial for maximising efficiency and lifespan. Brookfield Solar Maintenance offers maintenance plans to ensure your solar system operates effectively, saving our customers thousands of pounds in the long run from costly repairs should anything go wrong with your solar system.

Our standard solar cover includes free call outs, parts and labour and annual check ups to provide you with a certificate of good health and to ensure it’s running as efficiently as it should be.

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Protect your Solar Investment!

Save £1000's by Protecting your Solar System


Choose a Maintenance Plan

Not sure which plan is right for you? our experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your system


Annual Checkup

We'll schedule your first check up straight away to ensure your system is running as it should. We'll offer free, friendly advice along the way


Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your solar system is covered should anything go wrong. If you choose premium the heart of your solar system (the inverter) is covered too!

Reasons to Choose Brookfield Solar Maintenance

Since our establishment in 2016 as a solar maintenance-focused company, we’ve quickly become a top choice in Northern England for solar panel installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Commited to Energy Efficiency

Our goal is to boost your property’s energy efficiency through premier solar panel systems, crafted for the UK’s unique climate to save you substantial amounts on your energy expenses. Our products, subject to strict testing, ensure superior cost savings for both home and business owners.

Skilled Solar Professionals

Boasting 15 years of expertise in the solar sector, our specialized engineers have assembled the finest kits suited for the UK weather. From your first contact to installation and setup, our team provides guidance, guaranteeing maximum energy production.

Assurance for Solar Customers

Our certified and expertly trained engineers conduct all solar panel work with efficiency and safety. Every solar system we install is safeguarded by HIES third-party insurance, NICEIC Domestic Installer certification, and the Flexi-orb consumer safety and protection scheme, offering you complete peace of mind.

Free No Obligation Quotes

Our expert engineers provide complimentary consultations, along with personalized, friendly advice drawn from our extensive experience with renewable energy and energy-saving technologies. This expertise is built on 15 years of industry experience.

Tailor Made Solar

In addition to installing retrofit solar PV systems, we specialize in custom GSE integrated (in-roof) solar PV systems. If you have a specific inverter or panel preference, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team for further details on the services we provide.

Choose a Reputable Company

“Brookfield fitted our solar panels just over a year ago. The service from start to finish was excellent. Everything has worked well and we haven’t had any problems. Great job thanks guys.” – Kay Tilley 

Skilled, Fully Covered by Insurance, and Certified Solar Professionals

Your Solar System is in Safe Hands!

Since our inception as a solar maintenance company in 2016, we have completed over 7000 solar panel installations for homes, farms, and businesses across Northern England.

Our approach is fully in-house, ensuring we’ve meticulously selected and tested the industry’s finest solar products to maximize energy generation for the UK climate.

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