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EV Chargers for your Home and Workplace
EV Chargers for your Home and Workplace
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Brookfield EV are Approved Installers of:

Brookfield EV are experts in home charging solutions and are approved by the office of low emission vehicles (OLEV) to install EV charging points at homes across the country. The OLEV grant scheme contributes £350 towards the cost of your home charging point and is available to eligible EV owners. We also offer non grant funded chargers to customers that are not eligible for the OLEV contribution. We offer a no hassle process from start to finish and you can relax in the knowledge that your install is been carried out by competent, qualified professionals. We are an NAPIT approved company and to comply with building regulations you will receive an Electrical Installation certificate and a Part P certificate on completion of the installation, our work is also guaranteed by HIES which guarantees any work carried out by us.
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OLEV Grant Eligibility

  • You must be in possession of electric car or it needs to be on order and due within 4 months
  • You must have purchased the vehicle after October 2016
  • You must have off street dedicated parking
  • You cannot have claimed before (unless you have 2 electric cars)
  • A maximum of 2 grants per household providing you have 2 electric cars simultaneously

EVA-07S AC Charger

(Single phase – 7.3kW EV Charger)


Attractive appearance, A4 print paper size, simple but elegant.


Full electrical protection, over/under temperature protection, etc.


IP65 protection grade, capable for harsh environment, salt-mist condition


Intelligent power adjustment, emergency stop, Wifi/APP/ethernet monitoring.


OCCP v1.6 standard open communication protocol, IEC 62196 type II connector.


Wall-mounting or pole-mounting optional.

Brookfield EV can design and install a Solar PV system to help charge your EV car from Free generated GREEN Energy.